Auto Glass Tinting as Another Layer of Protection

Your car has several layers of protection built in, from seat-belts to the reinforced aluminum and steel frame or the shatterproof windshield. All these forms of protection are great for collisions, but there’s another danger to consider. UV light. This is especially true right now, during the Emerald City’s record breaking summer. Temps are high, the sun is shining bright and many of you spend hours a day sitting in traffic being exposed.

According to the World Health Organization, “Over the longer term, UV radiation induces degenerative changes in cells of the skin, fibrous tissue and blood vessels leading to premature skin aging, photodermatoses and actinic keratoses. Another long-term effect is an inflammatory reaction of the eye. In the most serious cases, skin cancer and cataracts can occur.”

That’s why the professionals at Emerald City Window Tinting highly recommend you look into Auto Glass Tinting. Auto films provide an effective “sunscreen” for you against the harmful effects of the sun. Protect yourself and the loved ones you drive with.