Clear Bra Bellingham

Protect Your Car This Winter!

You’ve seen it happen year after year. Your car takes a beating during the colder months of the year. Over time, the damage adds up and can negatively affect the value of your car. Protect your car this winter from road hazards! Invest in 3M Clear Auto Bra technology and take advantage of it’s strong protection against rocks […]

How Will A 3M Clear Bra Benefit Your Car?

Unless you have ridiculous amounts of money to burn on high-end luxury cars you only plan on driving once a year, you probably plan on actually driving your car on a regular basis. Most luxury car owners buy their cars as the ultimate ride to wherever they need or want to go. They didn’t pay […]

The Benefits of Clear Bra

Want to take that awesome car of yours out on the road, without fearing those busy streets?
Then, you need a clear bra for your car.
Here are 5 benefits to getting clear bra car protection:
– The material is amazingly tough. The clear bra helps prevent against paint chips and scratches, as well as damage from bugs, […]

Why use a clear bra?

Nothing can spoil your auto’s appearance more easily than corrosion due to dents, scratches, and dings. To keep your auto protected without adding to its bulk, invest in the durable and almost-invisible Bra. The  installation involves putting a clear film over the surfaces of one’s car to protect the car from damage.
Clear Bra Installation can […]