Commercial Privacy Window Film

If you own or operate a commercial space in the greater Seattle area, you are probably looking for ways to effectively increase your privacy while keeping the natural light and clarity of your windows. There are many ways to increase the privacy level of a building. One popular method is to use a privacy window tinting film.

Privacy and security are a priority in a commercial environment but there is no need to change windows, hang heavy curtains or blinds. Privacy glass film gives you the privacy you need while allowing natural light to pass through.

Privacy glass comes in a variety of colors, styles, and transparencies making it completely customizable to your style.

We offer a wide array of traditional and cutting-edge privacy tints with products like cloaking film that obscure screens behind glass in the departments of your business that need it the most like HR or Accounting. These technologically advanced films only block out computer screens, nothing more, allowing for full privacy without the loss of transparency in conference rooms and other glassed-in areas.

Commercial uses include: