Don’t Waste Your Time With Blinds, Get a Residential Window Tint

It still surprises us how many folks don’t realize that residential window tinting is a viable option for their homes. A lot of people assume traditional window blinds are the only/best route to take. This blog will go over a few reasons why traditional window blinds are not always the best option for you and your home.

While window blinds offer privacy and the ability to manage light within a room, window tinting offers equal advantages with fewer limitations and installation is a breeze.

Choosing residential window tinting allows you to avoid window blinds that bend or become damage easily. Window blinds can also be costly and difficult to replace.
Blinds are far more difficult to clean than a window film. Blinds also have limited size availability.

With this all in mind, we recommend that you don’t waste your time with blinds and let the experts at Emerald City Window and Tinting help you with residential window tinting.