We Specialize In Full Service Window Tinting In The Seattle Area

You can enjoy many health benefits when you protect your home, car or business from harmful UV rays from the sun. The experienced Seattle window tinting professionals at ECWT, have a vast selection of window tints to choose from that will protect your automobile, your business or your home from the damage that the sun can cause.

 We provide several window tinting services to meet your individual needs:

  • Commercial Window Tinting – Our window tinting services allow business owners to have greater control over the temperature of their businesses, as well as protect assets within from sun damage.
  • Residential Window Tinting – Home window tinting can defend the health and comfort of your family, as well as protect the interior of your house, improve your finances by conserving energy and energy costs, window tinting can guard your privacy and make your home more attractive as well as more secure.
  • Automotive Window Tinting – Window tinting enhances the appearance of your vehicle and makes every drive safer by minimizing glare from the sun. We apply premium window tinting to any car model, customizing each application to the client’s vehicle to ensure a perfect finish.
  • Clear Bra Paint Protection Film – 3M Clear Bra by Scotchgard™ is a Virtually Invisible Film That Enhances The Value Of Any Vehicle. Dirt, debris and bug damage can wreak havoc on a car’s paint, causing unsightly scratches, scrapes, dings and dents. We use the finest film available to provide your vehicles the best protection. Our highly experienced team can create a custom fit for each vehicle we service including cars, SUVs, minivans, trucks, RVs and motorcycles.
  • Smoked Lights – Smoke out your tail lights with our 17Mil film. It is extremely thick so it also protects from breakage. Our transparent overlays are scratch resistant and car wash safe. Best of all, will not damage the surface of your lights!
  • Wraps, Graphics & Striping – Transform any vehicle into an advertising statement piece for a business! Get your logo or emblem on your vehicle or window decoration; it’s a great way to further promote your business and drive more traffic to your bottom line!