Need A Auto Tint? Avoid These Common Mistakes.

When investing in a auto tint for your vehicle, it’s important that you research all your options before getting your windows tinted. Make sure that the company installing it offers what you are looking for as far as price, installation, and warranty.

First, avoid choosing a company based on a low price alone. Low price can be the bait that attracts your initial phone call. However, you may later be pressured into paying a lot more. Also, the price you were quoted might not be for the entire vehicle but instead, but rather just for two or three windows. Also, low price can mean the company is using an inexpensive, poor quality film. This means problems like de-laminating, poor adhesion to the glass and changing color. These often don’t show up until several weeks later.

Second, avoid choosing a tinting company with little experience in the tinting business. Several window tinting companies have come and gone. Having been in business only a year or two. As a result, folks are stuck with a worthless “lifetime warranty”. Don’t get cheated.

Lastly, avoid choosing a tinting company without getting comments or references from its past clients. A tint company can say anything about past jobs. Make sure you get references or read comments from current and past customers. By doing so, you’ll an idea about the integrity and honesty of the company.