Privacy and Decorative Films for Windows

Digital privacy has been in the news quite a bit in the last year. But there is another type of privacy that is often over looked or even ignored. That’s you privacy in the real world, specifically your home.

Windows are an incredibly important part of your home. They let natural light in. They provide us with great views. They are our connection to the outdoors. But sometimes our windows can make us feel a bit exposed to our neighbors and general public. They can be a liability when it comes to your privacy.

Often times, to create privacy homeowners will have decorative glass installed in their home’s windows. Etched glass or frosted glass can add a designer quality to a home and increase your privacy. But there is one downside of decorative glass. It’s expensive.

Emerald City Window Tinting in Seattle has found a cost-effective solution. Instead of buying elaborate glass that will empty your wallet, you can just add a thin layer of decorative window film. It’s cheaper than buying new windows and there is an array of styles to choose from: etched glass, frosted, etc. Even better, if you decide you want to change looks, adding new styles is simple and affordable.

So next time you feel the need for privacy, consider adding a designer touch with decorative window film. Emerald City Window Tinting in Seattle can help!