Security window films are designed for adverse conditions.

Security window films are designed for adverse conditions and can be applied for security applications, where a delay of forced entry is desired. The performance of these films is affected by adhesive bond strength, thickness of the polyester, quality of application, and window structure/frame. Home and commercial window protection is beneficial against hurricanes and environmental damage as well as thieves and vandals.

Security window films provide:

  • Protection from spontaneous glass breakage
  • Protection of glazing during earthquakes
  • Personal safety -Security window film forms a super strong bond with the glass that holds the glass together even after a many forceful impacts.
  • Additional protection from hurricanes and wind borne debris – Safety films can be used as an additional protection against flying glass when glazing is broken by wind borne debris. By helping to prevent windows from shattering, or retaining shattered glazing in its frame, these films help maintain the “weather seal” of a building.

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