Tax Credits and Window Tinting in Seattle

As we head into the summer months, the thought of taxes is probably the last thing anyone is thinking of but summertime does mean window tinting in Seattle. And there is one important benefit of window tinting in Seattle that you might not be taking advantage of – tax credits.

Back in 2012, Congress passed a bill, the American Taxpayer Relief Act, which included tax incentives for energy efficient home improvements! This included Home improvements such as installing residential window tinting in Seattle. Many of the energy efficient improvements for our homes require a considerable investment. Window tinting is a reasonable and inexpensive alternative. That’s why Emerald City Window Tinting wants our consumers to be aware of this credit.

As a long-term and cost-effective solution for saving energy, residential window tinting qualifies in the legislation as part of a building’s ‘insulation envelope’. It can reduce energy consumption from solar heat gain in summer or reflect interior heat back inside in winter, while allowing in natural light without the negative impact U.V. exposure.

So don’t wait for next April! Take action now and Emerald City Window Tinting can help!