Window Film Insulation

Home Window Tinting

What Are You Waiting For?
When most people hear “window tinting”, a majority of them think of car window tinting. Not enough people realize that the benefits of automotive glass tinting can transfer over and apply to your home. Home window tinting can defend the health and comfort of your family, protect the interior of your […]

Window Film Insulation

Do rising utility costs have you worried? Window insulation film offers an effective solution for insulating a drafty door or window, which often results in lost heat and higher utility bills. Window insulation film is a plastic film that can be applied to glass windows to reduce heat transfer. Window insulation film is often used in […]

Plastic Window Film

Plastic Window Film is designed to make the window glass more shatter-resistant. Safety and plastic window films are used where there is a potential for injury from broken glass (such as glass doors or overhead glazing). Safety and security window films are polyester films that are applied to glass and glazing in order to hold […]

Thinking About Having Window Film
Installed on Your Car?

Well, what are you waiting for? In as little as 2 hours, Emerald City Tinting can have you on your way, with your car looking amazing. There’s plenty of reasons why you should have your car windows tinted. Decreased heat, reduced fading, diminished health risks and much more. Learn more about the benefits of window film and schedule a […]

The Benefits of Automotive Films in your Vehicle

Whether you’re looking for breakthrough heat-rejection technology in a clear film or simply to minimize the harmful effects of the sun, 3M Automotive Window Films are an ideal choice and Emerald City Window Tinting can help!

Sun Control – Reduce interior fading and cracking by blocking up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays.
Enjoy the Scenery […]

Protect Your Furniture with Window Film

Along with heat reduction, window film can also help you protect your investments. Curtains, furniture and even flooring can fall victim to the effects of the sun. And that beautiful home you have created could turn into a sight for sore eyes. The three the leading culprits for fading include UV rays, heat, and visible […]

Health Benefits of Window Films

Ultraviolet rays (UVR) are dangerous. Not only can they cause skin cancer and visible signs of aging, they’re also very good at finding you. They can bounce off water, off sand, and they can penetrate glass. Which means that even if you’re inside your car or house, if you’re sitting next to a window with […]

Security window films are designed for adverse conditions.

Security window films are designed for adverse conditions and can be applied for security applications, where a delay of forced entry is desired. The performance of these films is affected by adhesive bond strength, thickness of the polyester, quality of application, and window structure/frame. Home and commercial window protection is beneficial against hurricanes and environmental […]