Window Tint Seattle

How To Install Window Tint

Tinting offers many benefits, including privacy and UV protection. If you are thing about how to install window tint, you will want to assess your skills before taking on this project yourself. At the very least, you’d better be good at measuring and cutting. But this is a precision job that requires lots of […]

Home Window Tinting

What Are You Waiting For?
When most people hear “window tinting”, a majority of them think of car window tinting. Not enough people realize that the benefits of automotive glass tinting can transfer over and apply to your home. Home window tinting can defend the health and comfort of your family, protect the interior of your […]

Security Window Film. Seeing is Believing.

We found this great video online that demonstrates the effectiveness of security window film. Take a look!
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Commercial Flat Glass Tinting

Need business or commercial window tinting in or around the Seattle area? Don’t be confused by the overwhelming number of films and performance levels that are available for business and commercial use. Let us,  the experts at Emerald City Window Tinting, help guide you in the right direction when choosing commercial flat glass film. As […]

Window Tint Removal

While there is no argument that window tinting does a lot to save money and offer security there may come a time when you decide to remove your tinting. Because of the delicate touch needed to remove old or damaged tinting, particularly from car windows, it is essential to consider getting the help of a […]

House Window Tinting

Emerald City Window Tinting, Inc provides consulting, sales and installation of window films to residents and businesses in Seattle and surrounding area. Offering house window tinting services in addition to commercial buildings and auto.  Privacy, security and solar control films are available in a variety of tint shades, colors, and protection ratings.

We provide what you’re […]

Plastic Window Film

Plastic Window Film is designed to make the window glass more shatter-resistant. Safety and plastic window films are used where there is a potential for injury from broken glass (such as glass doors or overhead glazing). Safety and security window films are polyester films that are applied to glass and glazing in order to hold […]

Why Your Should Invest in Privacy Glass

Privacy glass can protect your home or office from prying eyes.

Privacy matters! Why would you want to keep your shades pulled down all the time? Our privacy glass films are a smart and cost  effective answer to enhance the performance of windows in your home or office. Home window tint ensures that privacy during the day and it doesn’t block […]

Privacy Concerns

While tinting your car windows offers you a level of protection against the elements, it also gives you a level of privacy protection that can’t be matched. Privacy has become a serious concern in recent years; how often have heard about your friends or neighbors having their privacy violated? How often have you heard in […]

Security window films are designed for adverse conditions.

Security window films are designed for adverse conditions and can be applied for security applications, where a delay of forced entry is desired. The performance of these films is affected by adhesive bond strength, thickness of the polyester, quality of application, and window structure/frame. Home and commercial window protection is beneficial against hurricanes and environmental […]