Automotive Window Tinting

Prices starting at $239 (varies per car)


Tint Windows in Four Hours or Less


The Auto Film Advantage

All the films block 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Auto tinting blocks up to 97% of infrared heat.

7 Reasons why to have window film installed on your automobile

Window Film for Autos

Auto film for windows reduces heat

Today’s auto films can provide up to 78% heat reduction versus untreated automotive glass. A cooler interior provides more comfort and can significantly reduce air conditioning usage thus extending the life of AC systems and improving gas mileage.

Auto film prevents fading

Auto film blocks up to 99%* of UV rays while also significantly reducing heat. Reducing these two primary causes of fading helps to protect and extend the life of all of your vehicle’s interior including seats, carpets, wood trim and dashboard.

*Our clear safety and security films block 98% or more of UV rays.

Auto film can reduce exposure to rays

Exposure to UV rays from the sun is known to pose potential health risks for your eyes and skin. Auto films provide an effective “sunscreen” for you against the harmful effects of the sun.

Auto Films for windows can reduce sun glare

Glare from the sun or from headlights at night can blind your vision when on the road. This dangerous condition can be greatly helped by tinting your vehicle’s side and rear windows.

Auto Films applied to windows can add a layer of safety

Thicker “automotive protection” films can provide an extra level of safety in case of an accident, and security for your possessions against smash-and-grab car robbers.

Films add to the overall appearance of vehicles

There’s a variety of auto film products for windows to suit any type of car, truck or SUV. From virtually invisible films to darker colors, there’s a range of shades to give you the look you want.

Auto film Application is quick and easy

Professional installation is quick and simple. Most vehicles can be tinted in 2 to 3 hours. Call Emerald City Window Tinting to set up an appointment.