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This is where we will be blogging about auto tint, clear bra and commercial or business flat glass tinting topics in Seattle and neighboring cities.

How To Install Window Tint

Tinting offers many benefits, including privacy and UV protection. If you are thing about how to install window tint, you will want to assess your skills before taking on this project yourself. At the very least, you’d better be good at measuring and cutting. But this is a precision job that requires lots of […]

Protect Your Car This Winter!

You’ve seen it happen year after year. Your car takes a beating during the colder months of the year. Over time, the damage adds up and can negatively affect the value of your car. Protect your car this winter from road hazards! Invest in 3M Clear Auto Bra technology and take advantage of it’s strong protection against rocks […]

Don’t Waste Your Time With Blinds, Get a Residential Window Tint

It still surprises us how many folks don’t realize that residential window tinting is a viable option for their homes. A lot of people assume traditional window blinds are the only/best route to take. This blog will go over a few reasons why traditional window blinds are not always the best option for you and […]

Need A Auto Tint? Avoid These Common Mistakes.

When investing in a auto tint for your vehicle, it’s important that you research all your options before getting your windows tinted. Make sure that the company installing it offers what you are looking for as far as price, installation, and warranty.

First, avoid choosing a company based on a low price alone. Low price can be the […]

Auto Glass Tinting as Another Layer of Protection

Your car has several layers of protection built in, from seat-belts to the reinforced aluminum and steel frame or the shatterproof windshield. All these forms of protection are great for collisions, but there’s another danger to consider. UV light. This is especially true right now, during the Emerald City’s record breaking summer. Temps are high, […]

Tax Credits and Window Tinting in Seattle

As we head into the summer months, the thought of taxes is probably the last thing anyone is thinking of but summertime does mean window tinting in Seattle. And there is one important benefit of window tinting in Seattle that you might not be taking advantage of – tax credits.

Back in 2012, Congress passed […]

Privacy and Decorative Films for Windows

Digital privacy has been in the news quite a bit in the last year. But there is another type of privacy that is often over looked or even ignored. That’s you privacy in the real world, specifically your home.

Windows are an incredibly important part of your home. They let natural light in. They […]

Going Green with Residential Window Tinting

Climate change and dire predictions seem to be in the news more and more. Most agree that our planet is changing and in order to mitigate the dangerous consequences of climate change, we all have to do our part. This often means making our lives and possessions more sustainable. One way to make your home […]

Save Money with Commercial Window Tinting in Seattle

It’s that time of year again. Summer is almost here and temperatures will start heading upward. For business owners, this means increased energy costs to run those air conditioner units to keep your employees/ customers cool and happy.

Fortunately there is a great way to mitigate some of these summer time energy costs. Commercial window […]

Use Clear Bra to Protect Your Car and Investment

Your car is not just something that gets you from point A to point B. Its a rolling investment. So, preserving the finish of your vehicle with protective Clear Bra not only keeps your vehicle looking newer longer, but it can enhance the resale value of your vehicle in the future.

3M Clear Bra is one […]