3M Clear Bra Care

Please wait two weeks before your next mechanical car wash. Heavy water pressure can cause the newly installed protective film to lift around edges. You may hand wash your vehicle three days after installation. REMEMBER: All urethane films, will take 4 weeks to fully cure out depending on seasonal temperatures. Warmer weather will speed up this process.

During the curing process, you might see a small water bubble, haze or condensation under the film or in a small area that has not settled out with the adhesive curing process. The urethane film cures through a breathing process, the same process as your natural paint surfaces do. The water bubble, haze or condensation will evaporate through the film and cure out over the weeks to come, along with the adhesive bonding process.

Follow These Clear Paint Protection Instructions:

  1. Keep the film waxed and sealed with 3M Performance Wax.3m-performance-finish-wax-16-oz-2
  2. By nature, all paint protection film is porous, this why it’s so important to keep the film sealed with 3M Performance Wax. Dirt, dust, and other air born impurities left on unsealed film will eventually cause the film to become dull. 3M Performance Wax fills in pours of the film and seals it from contaminants. Use 3M Performance Wax at least every 3-6 months, depending on the film. It’s recommended that 3M Performance Wax be applied after every car wash. 3M Performance Wax will not harm the vehicle’s paint.Use ONLY soap and water to clean the film, and then protect it with 3M Performance Wax.
  3. Do not use any kind of petroleum-based products on the film. No Simple Green, 409, Bug or Tar Removers, or any Degreasers. No products that contain ABRASIVES, or DYES which will cause the film to become dull.
  4. ALL Clear Paint Protection film is very susceptible to water spotting. Hard water deposits which are baked on by the sun cannot be removed and are not covered under any warranty.
  5. It can take up to 4 months for all the moisture to evaporate out from under the film.
  6. Within the first 24 hours-Use a lint free rag, and gently press down all the edges of the film.