Taking Care Of Your New Window Tint

First, leave it alone for awhile. When tint is applied to a car window, it needs time to cure. You should be careful not to touch the window tint for the first 5 days and do not clean it for the first month. Curing time will vary depending on your climate and weather, but the average time is around 30 days.

When it’s finally time to clean your window tint, clean with soft cloth, sponge or regular household paper towel. Never use a hard cloth, brown paper towel, or newspaper for cleaning tinted windows. Harsh papers and rags scratch the tint.

Use soap and water for cleaning. It is not good to use any ammonia based product, such as Windex, when cleaning window tint. Over time, use of ammonia can react with the tint and cause blotching on your windows.

See, its fairly easy to keep that window tint clean and looking great!

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